1. The producer provides a warranty for QUAN GARDEN ART products trademark, produced by the Producer and sold by the Authorized Distributor. The warranty applies for the period of 24 months, commenced on the date of the product delivery to the end-customer, which is stated in the present document as the date of the release.

  2. The warranty applies on the territory of the European Union and includes products bought and installed/used on this territory.

  3. The warranty covers only factory defects (production or material) of the products delivered by the Producer except consumables, that are used during a regular usage of the product.

  4. The warranty does not include in particular:

    1. Mechanical damage caused by the customer or the third party

    2. Failure or defect, that are caused by the repair performed by the client himself and/or other person and/or when the examination will demonstrate that the customer on his own, without the Producer’s consent, performed repairs or construction substitutes of the product.

    3. Damage or malfunction caused using the unoriginal elements (components) of the product,

    4. Damages or defects of the product, which are caused by the incorrect montage, product installation or it’s exploitation incompatible with the purpose or manufacturer’s recommendations.

    5. Damages or defects of the product and feature loss, that are a result of nature and/or caused by other (i.e.: natural disaster, hail, storm, hurricane, earthquake, lightning discharge etc.),

    6. Damages or defects that are a result of improper ground/floor that the product was placed on

    7. Damages or defect that are caused by the lack of proper cleaning and product maintenance.

  5. Under this warranty the Producer is obliged to exchange the components of the product.

  6. The Producer or the producer’s subject only, are entitled to assess the damage of the Product and all the activity in order to eliminate the defects must be conducted by the Producer or the producer’s subject.

  7. Responsibility given by the warranty is off if the Producer will be devoid of the possibility to check the product for the notified damage.

  8. The requirement for the accepted claim foreseen by the present warranty is the appropriate transport and storage of the product and then the right montage/placement and exploitation, in accordance with the purpose, technical information and Producer’s suggestions (instructions).

  9. The customer is obligated to notify the damage occurrence instantly after it occurs, no later than 14 days. The producer investigates the complaint within 14 days, unless the assessment requires the transport of the product to the producer company. In this case, the recognition of the complaint can take another 14 days. The complaint and the Producer’s decision will proceed by email. In the event of positive consideration of the complaint, the Producer will take steps in order to eliminate the defect within 30 days of the stated decision.

  10. Warranty rights are entitled for consideration only after presenting a proof of the purchase of the product covered by a warranty (with a visible date of purchase) and warranty card of the product. Benefiting from the rights listed in the presented warranty is not possible if the mentioned above documents do not comply with each other or the significant information included is impossible to read in order to consider a complaint.

  11. The rights and responsibilities of both parties that are not regulated by the presented Warranty Card are a result of Polish Civil Code and other applicable legislations.

Quan Garden Art products are designed and manufactured to last for many, many years. However, they do require some maintenance in order to keep them in good shape. All maintenance procedures are explained in your instruction manual. Please read your instruction manual carefully and follow any maintenance procedures given. If in doubt – ask your dealer or contact us directly via SUPPORT FORM. Quan Garden Art cannot be responsible for any damage to your product which is a result of missuse or lack of maintenance.

If your Quan Garden Art product develops any fault, which is not a result of missuse or lack of maintenance please fill in a Complaint Form, which you can download from HERE. Please send your signed Complaint Form to help@quangarden.art