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Passion for food, great design and the love for spending time outdoors with family and friends is what brought Quan alive. Now we would like to invite you to enjoy it too. Quan is about being together, united around fire, having the time of our lives. We promote outdoor lifestyle experience by providing a whole range of extraordinary products: furniture, lighting, cooking equipment and more. They are beautifully designed, skillfully handcrafted and unbelieveably functional.
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Raising the temperature

When cooking on a Quan fire plate, the hot plate reaches a far higher temperature than a typical barbecue and because of the engineered channels and vents, it achieves its optimum temperature quickly.

This is essential for cooking outdoors as it ensures that your food is sealed on the outside, helping to retain all of its natural juices and flavours. This culminates in a gourmet experience unlike any other.

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Cooking on a hot plate

The hot plate on a Quan fire plate lends itself to cooking a far greater variety of delicious, mouth-watering foods of various shapes and sizes. Besides meat, fish and vegetables, food such as soup, eggs and cheese can be successfully cooked using a pan and unlike a barbecue, even chopped and grated items will stay on the hot plate and not fall into the embers beneath.

By using a square hot plate different heating zones are created, ranging from 300°C in the centre to below 100°C at the corners. This allows you to control the speed of cooking and prepare food to your specific taste and timing.

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The best of both worlds

The joys and advantages of cooking on a Quan fire plate are many but if you still want to enjoy the ‘low and slow’ form of cooking on a barbecue, Quan offers a barbecue accessory that conveniently sits above the fire pit, enabling you to have the best of both worlds.

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Quan Garden Art Academy teaches the techniques of outdoor cooking on a wood- or gas fired fireplate barbecue.

Discover our quick and easy to make, delicious recipies to get the most out of your Quan.

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