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Here you can learn about your Quan , how to properly use it and how to maintain it.

Starting the fire on Quan - the quick and easy way

It is a common misconception that firing up a wood fuelled barbecue is more difficult than a charcoal grill, where in fact it is just the opposite.
There are 3 key ingredients to mastering the fire:
1. the equipment – Quan Garden Art garden fireplaces are designed with airflow in mind. And good airflow means starting and maintaining the fire is easy and controllable;
2. good quality fuel – like in any other combustion process – from charcoal grill to space rocket – the better fuel you use, the better the result will be. By good quality fuel we mean dry, properly seasoned hardwood. Example: Quan Selected Wood is 100% natural oak, responsibly harvested, with FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council), dried mechanically to contain no more than 5% of water, trimmed to 25cm pieces to fit perfectly into your Quan. It is best to find a local supplier of seasoned hardwood and create a sheltered place in your garden to store it. We do not recommend spontaneously buying a bag of ‘fireplace wood’ in any DIY chain, unless you are willing to be disappointed;
3. proper technique – which we are showing in this video


The instruction manuals provided will guide you on how to care for your Quan, however it is not uncommon to see some minor corrosions of a hot plate after a winter season or longer break. It is completely natural and can be easly removed.