Product dimensions
Height: 95cm
Width: 100cm
Length: 240cm
Weight: 430kg

The Rolling Kitchen is a complete outdoor kitchen on wheels. Equipped with a washbasin and water heater, it meets all the needs that a chef might have when cooking outdoors. There is plenty of space for food preparation on a durable granite top, and a spacious wood storage underneath to store enough supplies to last through long cooking sessions. Positioned on castors, it can be easily relocated. Quan Rolling Kitchen is equipped with a 15mm thick 1000x1000mm fire plate. Since the central area can reach a temperature of roughly 400°C and the outside portion remains somewhat colder, our fire plate is ideal for adjusting the cooking pace. The inside bowl is constructed of stainless steel and is removable for cleaning. Because the outer bowl is separate from the inner bowl, it acts as a protective barrier against the heat of the fire within. We offer a variety of accessories that complement Quan Rolling Kitchen.

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